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Why Your Small Business Should Be Using Cloud-Based Software

Why Your Small Business Should Be Using Cloud Based Software | Pegasys Technologies

Technology is constantly changing, and small businesses might find it difficult to find the resources or time to keep up.  However, there are some technological advances that small businesses need to be successful.  If your business is not already using cloud-based software, you should consider it.  A study by Gartner found that by 2022, up to 60% of organizations will use an external service provider’s cloud-managed service offerings.

Cloud computing is already used in so many areas in your personal life, from your social media accounts to your online banking.  And it can be translated to your small business too, which will benefit in the following nine ways:

1.) Better Back-Up Recovery

Every business is susceptible to a data loss so a small business must secure their data.  For a small business, loss of data can be devastating.   When a problem does occur, companies of all sizes must recover quickly to salvage their business.  Cloud-based software has a better back-up recovery process, so your company is not at such a high risk of loss.

2.) Ability to Safely Work Remotely

Now more than ever, more businesses have employees that are working remotely.  Cloud-based systems allow for location-independent offices.  They also save money on many of the costs that are associated with workspaces in one location.  Employees can work from anywhere and all their data will be connected to you via the cloud.

3.) Provides Updated Software

In order to be effective, software must be updated often.  With cloud-based software, updates are automatic, so you don’t have to worry about them.  The software supplier handles it for you while you concentrate on other areas of the business.

4.) Pay as you Go

Some software systems are extremely expensive and is one size fits all.  Cloud software allows small businesses to only pay for the things they need and use.  This enables them to be on par with the bigger companies within their industry in terms of technological functions.  For example, payroll software can be chosen based on the number of employees.  As a small business, you only pay for the number of employees you have rather for capacity you do not need.

5.) Improve Your Collaboration Capabilities

Research indicates that collaboration can improve productivity by over 40%.  Cloud computing makes collaboration easier to share data, manage workflow, and integrate data from different sources.  Employees have more access to information which makes them more efficient in their work and more creative when they are able to collaborate.  And, they have to flexibility and support to work remotely or continue projects while traveling for work.  Cloud-based services like Skype enable colleagues to be in touch with one another when not at the same location.

6.) Better Control of Your Data

Cloud software can improve the control of your data because you will be able to monitor who has access to what information.  When data is centralized, everyone has access to it, so it is easier for it to get lost.  Only the people that should have access to the data, will.

7.) Increased Flexibility

Cloud-based computing offers flexibility for small businesses because it is not tied to a single location.  Information can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  Flexibility also increases employee productivity and satisfaction.  You can be in touch with your employees no matter where they are.

8.) Better Support

Cloud-based software solutions offer high-quality support for small businesses.  Any issues or problems are fixed by the IT infrastructure of the cloud.  Your service provider will trouble-shoot any problems and help you solve them.

9.) Increased Sustainability

Cloud-based computing can increase your company’s eco-credentials.  For those small businesses that are concerned with climate change, a move to cloud-based software means less energy and less paper needed to print.

The move to cloud-based computing has many benefits for small businesses.  It can increase productivity, improve security, and save a small company money.  The ability to level the playing field against larger competitors means a small business can gain a competitive advantage.  This technology can be used in all areas of business from sales to recruitment.

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